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As the proverb says: "If you understand who is the fool at the poker table after 10 minutes, it's you". Don't be fool - be the man, play poker.

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Strategies Suited to Heads Up Poker Situations

The way to handle heads up odds is a little different than those involving a 6 or a 10 handed game. Here are 5 tips that would help you adjust your game play based on the heads up situations.

Tip #1

In a heads up game the small blind and the dealer button would be the same position which would mean that the player would be the one to act last on every mode. This is a real advantage since a great number of hands can be played from the small blind. If your opponent raises too frequently you would be getting 3-1 odds when you complete the small bet. This means that expect for a few hands all the others are worth playing.

Tip #2

On an average you would be dealt with a pair once every 17 times. At a table with more than two players there is always a chance that one of the other players would also have a pair. In heads up there are very less chances that both you and your opponent would have a pair.

Tip #3

If you hold an ace, the chances that your opponent holds a stronger hand are very small just like the case of pairs. While the chances of winning would actually depend on how strong your kicker is, there is still a fair chance that you can the pot on the strength of your ace.

Tip #4

If your opponent would raise before the flop it is a sign that they are holding a really strong hand. What you need to consider is how strong his hand could be. If you know your opponent well and know on what kind of hands he would raise you would be in a better position to determine your next move. If you are against a very tight playing opponent then in such a case you must back off unless you have a really good hand.

Tip #5

You also need to consider the fact and think about those types of hands that your opponent would be willing to re-raise on. Knowing your opponent well you would be able to get an idea on the kind of hands he would raise on and the kind of hands he would re-raise on.

If for example your opponent generally raises on almost 45% to 50% of hands but would only consider re raising on just the top 5% of cards then you can take him for a ride by raising often on his bet before the flop is revealed and he would fold in most of the situations. In short, knowing your opponent well in a heads up game will definitely be a profitable situation.