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As the proverb says: "If you understand who is the fool at the poker table after 10 minutes, it's you". Don't be fool - be the man, play poker.

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Playing Heads Up Game on Online Poker Sites

The greatest advantage of online poker sites is that you can play at any time of the day from the comfort of your home. The hands are being dealt quicker and you can get great experience in a short time. While traditional poker has its own advantages, online poker has a few advantages of its own too.

Online vs. traditional

In most traditional card rooms and casinos you would not find head up Hold’em simply because it is isn’t practical to be offered but it is available round the clock online. When you are playing online too you can use a lot of psychology in the game. Heads up requires a lot of determination, guts and wits and heads up is definitely warfare. If you keep waiting for the correct cards you would have to see a lot of flops and turns and it would be really difficult to hit the flop. So that’s when you would need to have a good pre flop strategy.

When you are playing a heads up game you would get a better idea of how hard it can be to hit a good flop. Good hands do not come easy so you would have to focus on the other aspects of the game. You would definitely get a lot more experience by playing post flop and it would make it worthwhile to play heads up.

Mind the position

Position is definitely important in heads up but it is more important to know your opponent well. In a heads up game you can afford to have an opportunity to get to know your opponent well. You can see his every move and everything that he does would be in relation to your own game. You would be engaged in the game at all times. Even when you are not in a hand you must keep your eyes open and observe. If you are against an opponent who is trying to pin you down you cannot afford to not make a firm decision. If you play heads up often you would also be enjoying the psychological aspect of the game so you would know that they are not just playing their hands. They are trying to figure you out and looking for your weaknesses. You would have to work on all the sides of the game. You have to look at your own game play and try to figure out loop holes and at the same time keep attacking the opponent’s vulnerable point.

If you stay engaged in every hand you would keep on calculating your odds and make decisions accordingly. The anonymity of playing online would make you feel comfortable enough to do that. Online poker definitely increases the experience of players faster than a normal poker table can do. In a heads up game you would have to make a lot more decisions in an hour than you would normally have to in a full ring scenario and this would definitely help make your play better.