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As the proverb says: "If you understand who is the fool at the poker table after 10 minutes, it's you". Don't be fool - be the man, play poker.

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With the advent of smartphones and faster internet access, online gaming is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon. From blackjack and poker to slot games and bingo, more and more people are taking advantage of the ability to enjoy the casino experience without leaving their front room. There are some fantastic deals out there for new-starters, but it pays to familiarise yourself with the various sites, games and tactics before signing up. Here’s how to make sure you enjoy your foray into the world of online gaming from the off.

Do your research: Which game is right for you? Which site should you choose? How do you ensure the safety or your cash as well as a pleasant user experience? All these questions and more can be answered by reading up on online gaming before signing up. Forums are a great place to get insider tips, and there are independent sites which review the various casinos and gaming options out there.

Choose your game: ‘Online gaming’ is a term which covers a huge variety of different games. Traditional casino-style games, such as poker and blackjack, enjoy perennial popularity – but if you’re keen to give a casino game a try then be aware that you’ll be up against experience players and professionals. Opt for free or low-deposit casino games while you find your feet, before moving up to take advantage of larger payouts. Alternatively, you could try a game of chance such as bingo. Bingo sites tend to offer great deals for newbies – if you sign up to play bingo games, you’ll receive a 200% bonus on your first deposit and have the opportunity to enter free games with record jackpots.

Select your site: Along with the game you participate in, the site you sign up to will have the most impact on how much you enjoy your initial experience of online gaming. The most important thing, of course, is to choose a site that’s secure – and this means it should be licensed by an independent authority (see the Gambling Commission for more details). Look also for good sign-up bonuses and deals for beginners, an excellent level of online help and how user-friendly you find the interface of the site. Once you’ve identified a site which has all these four aspects, you’re all ready to start. Simply read the rules of the site, try out a few practice games, and then jump right in.