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Martin Cooper

As the proverb says: "If you understand who is the fool at the poker table after 10 minutes, it's you". Don't be fool - be the man, play poker.

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Blaze poker a better game?

The game of Poker has been played for almost two hundred years. In that time it has been modified and adjusted as required, making it into one of the most diverse and perfected games around today. There are countless variations on the traditional game, and as soon as the internet came of age, there were countless more available on poker sites and casino games sites.

The game of poker didn't change very much in the last few decades, except that as people began playing over the internet more and more often, a pretty massive flaw in the game became apparent. The amount of waiting that was required for a player who had folded his cards near the beginning of the round was almost too much to bear. If the player was having a particularly bad run of luck, he could be expected to spend most, if not all of his time waiting for the game rather than playing it.

Then someone invented Blaze. Blaze is poker but with one very real difference. When you fold your hand, even if it's not your turn to play, you are automatically pulled from that table, and dropped into a brand new game, with a brand new hand and brand new players. It's such a simple idea, but it's one that could potentially save you hours if you play poker regularly. And the more poker you're playing, the more chance you have of winning, right?

So give the new Blaze a go and see what it can do for your game. You'll only find it at any online casino. Just sign in and click the “Blaze” logo in the lobby. The rest is done for you. It's simple and easy and you could be playing in seconds. Try it out today.